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The Bourron estate was created in 1842 by Pierre Fauchey-Balguerie, a prominent merchant and shipowner of Bordeaux. Bourron is located on the historic site of the Battle of Castillon, on a high plateau dominating the Dordogne. The architecture of the château, its beleveder and its park filled with exotic trees are a reflexion of its founder appeal for travels.

Diane and Olivier Sulzer acquired this gem of an estate in 2012 and decide to produce once again some wine on this long forgotten terroir.

They build a winery next to the château, restructure the estate and recreated.

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Château Bourron

Belvédère de Château Bourron

Château Tertre de Belvès

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Château Bourron

Tasting notes : Unusual maturity for this vintage! On the nose, red berries and a hint of vanilla, fine tannins on the palate and nice freshness.

Production : 6 200 bottles of 750ml

Soils : Clay-limestone, southern coasts and foot of coasts

Vineyard : 90% Merlot & 10% Cabernet Franc. 10 hectares, planted at 5000 feet / hectare.

Viticulture : Tillage. Reasoned struggle.

Vinification : Fermentation in a new winery with cement vats and reception of the harvest by gravity. Pigeage and reassembly of the harvest. Long vatting and Malolactic fermentation partially done in new barrels.

Aging : 14 months in new barrels (40%) and one wine barrel (60%)

Château Bourron

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Belvédère de Château Bourron


Belvédère du Château Bourron

Commentaire de dégustation : Fruité et délicat. Ce vin accompagnera parfaitement vos entrées.

Production : 7 000 bouteilles 750 ml

Sols : Argilo-calcaire, côtes sud et pied de côtes

Vignoble : 90 % Merlot & 10 % Cabernet Franc. 10 hectares, plantés à 5000 pieds/hectare.

Viticulture: Travail des sols. Lutte raisonnée.

Vinification : Fermentation dans un nouveau chai de vinification avec cuves en ciment et réception de la vendange par gravité. Pigeage et remontage de la vendange. Cuvaison longue et fermentation Malolactiques partiellement faite en barriques neuves.

Elevage : 16 mois en barriques neuves et cuve 

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Tertre de Belvès

Characte: A very mature wine, characterized by the finesse of its tannins and the purity of its aromas. An anecdotal wine, made from a 100% Merlot vine located on the terrace on the south coast of Belvès de Castillon.

Vineyard : 6 hectares, 100% Merlot planted at 6,500 vines per hectare.

Terroir : Deep clay-limestone.

Cultivation methods : Experimental vineyard or different cultivation methods are tested.

Vinification : Experimental vineyard or different cultural methods are tested.

Aging : 14 months in new French oak barrels, 225 and 400 liters before bottling at the château.


Château Tertre de Belvès

Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux


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