A family story

Valérie Féret, Olivier Sulzer and Henri Féret

Château La Bonnelle

The rebirth

It all began at the Chateau La Bonnelle, on a sunny day in 1990 when our father, Francois Sulzer, decided to leave the local wine cooperative to rebuild a winery next to our Chateau into which the family business could become independent. As this was to become a family journey, his son Olivier left his business administration practice to happily reconnect with his first love of the vines and the wine, and his two daughters Caroline and Valérie later joined them to create what is now known as the Vignobles Sulzer.

And as our team grew bigger, so did our family winery.

The Chateau La Bonnelle was reborn.

Château Feret-Lambert

From 1 to 23 Ha

Almost 10 years later Valerie married Henri Feret. Together, they decided to move into the family estate of the Feret family, the Chateau LAMBERT. The estate hasn’t been worked in years, but the terroir looks promising.

Valerie and Henri realized they just moved into a land so fertile it could do wonders with the Merlots Olivier now masters so well. The last wines that came out of this soil date from before WWII but our family knew there was a potential to exploit here, in this terroir on which they stood, and so Henri and Olivier decide to create Feret-Lambert.

Together they experimented on a first hectare they planted in 1998, and were so pleased with the wine they poured out of it they expanded the land they cultivated to an estate of more than 20 hectares that now dominates the clay-limestone plateau of Grézillac and Guillac, just across Saint-Emilion.

They built their winery next to their Chateau to have all the different stages of their production onsite and their wine that got better by the year came to be recognized as a Grand Bordeaux.

Château Bourron


It is also in 1998 that Olivier and his wife Diane plant their first vines in Belves de Castillon. They started to do so in the garden of their house, before expanding slowly but surely onto the parcel of Puy Arnaud next to them.
And so was born TERTRE DE BELVES, first a family secret which wine only supplied our family reunions that quickly bloomed into a well-sought product. TERTRE DE BELVES became our family latest venture, and Olivier and Diane decided to keep this estate as they moved into their newly acquired house, CHATEAU BOURRON, a majestic Chateau with here again, a promising wine.

Diane and Olivier SULZER acquired this gem of an estate in 2012 and decide to produce once again some wine on this long forgotten terroir. They build a winery next to the Chateau, restructure the estate and recreated…

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